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Ecofaber, Ortovivaismo di qualita' made in Sicily

Professionalità che si esprime nella ricerca, nella sperimentazione, nel controllo di qualità su tutte le fasi della produzione.

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Ecofaber, Quality Horticultural Nurseries made in Sicily

Professionalism in research, experimentation and quality control in all the phases of production

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Unici in Sicilia a produrre l'innestato su torba pressata

Innestato pressato ovvero migliorato.

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The only company producing grafted plants on pressed peat

Grafted plants on pressed peat, improved

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Eco e' meglio! Usiamo solo contenitori in plastica riciclabile.

Ecofaber ha estromesso definitivamente dalla produzione l’uso dei contenitori in polistirolo.

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Eco is better! We use only recyclable plastic containers

Ecofaber has excluded the use of polystyrene containers from its production

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Thursday, 22 Apr 2021

The Nurseries

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With five hectares of state-of-the-art greenhouses, two highly specialized company sites, Ecofaber has always believed strongly in innovation in production.



The continuing specialization in production has led to the setting-up of two horticultural nursery complexes: Ecofaber Noto, entirely specialized in the production of young standard vegetable plants, and Ecofaber Modica, production centre for innested vegetable plants.

The company produces about thirty million vegetable plants each year, in the areas near Modica and Pachino, to be sold on the professional market and, for a few years now, also on the Hobby market, with the trademark Piante&Passione.


* Ecofaber uses only containers in recyclable plastic


Containers and holes

Ecofaber has excluded the use of polystyrene containers from its production, preferring those made from recyclable plastic. The result is extremely low environmental impact,...

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Grafted plants on small pressed cubes

In line with continuing evolution and the development of new products, Ecofaber decided to specialize also in growing plants in small pressed cubes. ...

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Grafted plants

Ecofaber has developed over the years and has reached the highest level of specialization in the micrografting of young solanacee and...

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