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Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

Containers and holes

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Ecofaber has excluded the use of polystyrene containers from its production, preferring those made from recyclable plastic.

The result is extremely low environmental impact, as the plastic sowing tray can be easily recycled, and a great improvement in the technical and agricultural aspects of cultivation:


“V” Line

Identifies plants produced on soft peat.

The use of a plastic container with conical holes with grooves:

  • guarantees the smooth surface of the holes
  • ensures perfect extraction of the young seedling
  • ensures better care of the root hairs
  • ensures better and more ramified growth of the root without spiralling

Number of holes available:
54 V
96 V
150 V


“PRESS” Line

Identifies plants produced on pressed peat.

In line with continuing evolution and the development of new products, Ecofaber has decided to specialize also in growing plants in small pressed cubes. This is an extremely important technological innovation.

It enables the producer to obtain plants with:

  • well-ramified and more fibrous roots
  • less stress when transplanted
  • sturdier growth
  • earlier plants

Number of holes available:
54 press
96 press



* Ecofaber uses only containers made from recyclable plastic

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