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Piante&Passione, La natura e' il nostro hobby

Piante&passione è la divisione Hobby di Ecofaber, azienda leader nella produzione di piante orticole, innestate e non, che da anni si distingue per innovazione e professionalità.

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Piante&Passione, nature is our hobby

Piante&Passione is the Hobby division of Ecofaber, a leading company in the production of horticultural plants, grafted and standard, which has made a name for itself over the years for

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Pacos Vini

Dall’entusiasmo e dalla passione per il vino di questa giovane azienda nasce la linea Note Nere, tre vini neri in purezza ad esaltare le peculiarità delle bacche nere

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Pacos wines

The Note Nere brand was born from the enthusiasm and the passion for wine of this young company: three pure wines of black colour that exalt the characteristics of

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Thursday, 22 Apr 2021

Websites of seed firms

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Containers and holes

Ecofaber has excluded the use of polystyrene containers from its production, preferring those made from recyclable plastic. The result is extremely low environmental impact,...

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Grafted plants on small pressed cubes

In line with continuing evolution and the development of new products, Ecofaber decided to specialize also in growing plants in small pressed cubes. ...

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Grafted plants

Ecofaber has developed over the years and has reached the highest level of specialization in the micrografting of young solanacee and...

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